Friday, May 25, 2007

Personal Mission

There are beautiful women that see an ugly woman in the mirror every day.
There are skinny girls starving themselves to get the attention of some boy.
There are older women trying every cream and procedure to remove the signs of age from their face.
We live in a society that demands perfection. Someone has decided on what is "normal" and "appropriate" and "acceptable" and women kill themselves every day to fit that mold.
I am here to tell you that every woman is beautiful.
This blog will explore the rampant negative self-image that weakens our stability. If people think fat is disgusting, I will show them just how voluptuous and natural "fat" can be. If people are afraid of wrinkles, I will show them how wise and beautiful their grandmothers are.
We must fight this fight together, every day and on every field.
In every woman there is beauty. And in every woman there is the power to inspire.


Lauren said...

Thank you so much Allison. I'm so excited to see where this blog takes you!

Amy S. said...

Amen! This is WONDERFUL, Allison! Thank you for working so hard to raise awareness of these issues for women. I love this blog!