Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Helen Mirren

For every woman who has ever scoffed at an "anti aging" campaign, I present Helen Mirren. This beauty was born July 26, 1945 (get out your calculators, ladies) and has aged amazingly. She isn't flawless, not even close. There are deep set wrinkles around her mouth and eyes (most likely from laughing), and gravity had taken a slight toll on her body.

Who cares?

This woman was invited to meet the Queen of England, thanks to an incredible portrayal of her majesty. Mirren has been referred to as "the ultimate thinking-man's sex symbol", and rightfully so. Whether or not she is a fox (and she is), she possesses class, intelligence and talent. Not to mention a fierce wit.

I commend Dove Beauty products for their "Real Beauty" campaign, and specifically for their "Pro-Aging" campaign. Why try and fight the inevitable? Why not embrace it?

Plus, if you can pose nude at that age and still crack a smile, you deserve the world!

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