Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eve Ensler

It is my proud pleasure to be from the same species as this woman. She embodies and empowers all things female. She was nominated by CNN as America's 'Best Feminist'. Whether or not you have heard her name, you have probably heard of her most famous works; "The Vagina Monologues".

This playwright and poet was devastated to hear a friend of hers' interpretation of her own body. She realized something had to be done to enhace communications between women and other women, but more importantly between women and their own bodies. We are strangers in our own land, disgusted and afraid.

As a result of her play, she began V-Day; an organization designed to increase the awareness of and cease violence against women worldwide. She has since become quite the activist fighting for women and their needs all over the world. She has since written "The Good Body"; a personal inspiration and mission for me. This play was the main catalyst for me to begin this website, this project. This time she explores the war we hold with our own bodies; not just a lack of understanding, but an active anger and fear towards. It all grows from the hatred she has for her own stomach, and it branches out to include stories from women of every age, size, shape and culture.

One reason I wanted to highlight this woman is for her particular kind of beauty. She is attractive in a physical sense, but certainly not "breathtaking" or "irresistable" by the worlds standards. It is her heart, her mind and her spirit that you cannot resist. She is an intellectual beauty, and inspirational beauty, not merely one of body.

Eve Ensler makes it her business to improve the quality of life for women everywhere, and for that we should be eternally grateful. If you yourself are interested in helping, her websites offer many solutions, from donating money to donating time.

Help this woman change the world before it falls into the hands of our daughters and granddaughters.

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