Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The French push harder to protect their own and others

"PARIS – France's government launched a campaign Tuesday against forced marriages and genital mutilation, seeking to protect women from practices that quietly thrive in immigrant communities the nation is struggling to integrate."

France has long been fighting the weary battle against genital mutilation, especially on it's own soil. Many immigrant groups who have planted themselves in France have brought cultures and traditions that the French government will not allow.

Now the battle wages even stronger as they as trying to stamp out forced marriages as well. These laws extend to French citizens on foreign soil as well.

I'm sure you can understand and appreciate how this battle is nearly impossible to win. The current strategy is to inform all people in the public service that they must join the fight.

"The government is handing out 100,000 leaflets to schools, doctors and other public services explaining the health and legal risks and providing information on support services for victims.
The campaign involves two stark, red, white and black brochures. One pictures a razor — a tool often used in genital mutilation — in a circle with a slash through it. The other shows a splayed palm, a ring of barbed wire being slid over the ring finger, also circled with a slash running through it."

Please pray for our French sisters as they march slowly towards a victory. They need our support, emotionally and financially, as well as spiritually.

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