Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Whitney, and the Plus Sized of ANTM

I have been cheering for Whitney since the beginning; not only because she is the "plus size" girl, but also because she is good at it and has fun! I say "plus size" in quotes because by real world standards she isn't very big. One thing I have come to notice is the difference in that definition. In the fashion world I would be overweight, or at least plus sized. I can handle that; being confident in my own beauty is a blessing and an honor I do not need the fashion industry to validate. However, I do love when they make 'exceptions' like those frequently made on America's next Top Model. It gives me a little faith in humanity and the ever-swinging pendulum of beauty standards.

Whitney has made it to the top four girls, and I am ecstatic! It makes the show that much more suspenseful for me. I believe she has made it farther than any other plus sized model on ANTM. I have only watched devoutly for the past three cycles, but I have seen episodes from almost all cycles. I want to dedicate this success to some other "big girls" and celebrate their beauty:

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