Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sara Blakely

As I am in the process of finding the perfect wedding dress, I must say “Thank You” to the genius woman who invented Spanx undergarments!
Sara Blakely was just a normal woman with a normal problem that she turned into an extraordinary opportunity.
“Like so many women, I bought clothes that looked amazing in a magazine or on the hanger, but in reality magnified every panty line and imperfection — clothes that eventually made their way to the "maybe one day I'll be flawless" section of my closet where they remained unworn.”(original article)
Who hasn’t felt that way? If I sold everything in my “maybe one day I’ll be flawless” section, maybe I could pay for a dream wedding!! These magnificent undergarments can reshape and refine most of the areas women are self-conscious about. They do not necessarily intend to make you look skinny; they intend to make you look smooth. More often than not, it is the ‘bumpy’ nature of my physique that bothers me, not my actual size. I am not alone in that feeling.
As if her invention hasn’t sparked enough good karma, “Sara is turning her attention to giving back by helping women globally with education and entrepreneurial support.”Sara has started the Sara Blakely Foundation which seeks to empower women. The Foundation finds young women with great potential and funds their education and goals. One of the biggest projects it is currently involved in is giving out scholarships for CIDA, the first free university in South Africa. These blessed women who receive the scholarships are given incredible opportunities that would have otherwise passed them by.
This Foundation has many incredible and maintainable goals, and I cannot wait to see what dreams she can achieve through this project.
“While many of our natural resources are being depleted, one is waiting to be unleashed… WOMEN!” – Sara Blakely

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