Thursday, September 6, 2007

Moira Cameron

This woman has broken down a major wall in patriarchal tradition. She is the first female Beefeater EVER in a history of over 500 years!

"Moira Cameron, 42, from Argyll became the first female Yeoman Warder in the guards' 522-year history after beating five men to win the coveted position to the famous ceremonial guard."

Cameron joined the army when she was 16 years old and served in the forces for 22 years, the required experienced to try for her post.

She has set an amazing example to girls and women everywhere that we can truly do whatever we set our minds to; even if there is a current rule excluding women, it can be broken! Thank you, Moira, for helping us break through the "weaker sex" stereotype. Good luck with the inevitable jokes that will come your way.

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