Thursday, June 7, 2007


There are so many inspirational beauties; women of power, charcter, talent and physical beauty. I would love to hear from those who read this blog who they would like to see honored. They could be political figures, movie stars, sports stars, religious figures, models - there are no limitations. They could be dead or alive.
Who inspires you?

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Kelly said...

I know one inspirational woman. Many people look at the old testament and the law of Moses as very oppressive towards women and I can't deny that even though it was done in the best intrest of the women. One woman I think is overlooked in the old testament in Judges. Deborah was a judge of Israel, during her time she gave advice to the people and at one point went into the front lines of battle, through it was able to give Israel peace for forty years. Her song of praise is one that names her a mother of Israel and how loved she was by God and the people. I find it very interesting to bring her up in conversation to those that belive a woman has a gentle nature that should never be in politics or leadershp position in the church or elsewhere. For anyone who is interested the scripture is found in Judges 4:1-5:31