Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sue Konicek

You have probably never heard of Sue Konicek, and that is fine with her. She isn't in this business to be rich and famous.
She does it because she loves it. And I love her because she does it.
Konicek opened a theatre because "She likes to watch children’s self-esteem and skills grow as they learn and perform — on stage and behind the scenes." This article explains about how and why Konicek decided to change the world in her small venue.
She has sacrificed a lot in order to give this gift to her community. She jokes that she is "married to the theatre", but it isn't necessarily a joke. She spends all of her time there, dedicated to great art with great community outreach.
I think more of us should draw on our strength as women and go after our dreams. Sue did, and not only is she happy, but she brings happiness to others daily.

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