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In reading about the International Violence Against Women Act on, I found a pleasant surprise. I saw the name of someone I know right there in the text, and luckily I was proud to see them. (Excerpt from

V-Day joins Amnesty International USA, Women Thrive Worldwide and Family Violence Prevention Fund in strong support of the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA). This is the first comprehensive piece of legislation in the United States aimed at ending violence against women and girls around the world and would consistently incorporate solutions for reducing violence against women into U.S. foreign assistance.

Specifically, I-VAWA would:
**Address violence against women and girls comprehensively, by supporting health, legal, economic, social, and humanitarian assistance sectors and incorporating violence prevention and response best practices into such programs.
**Alleviate poverty and increase the cost effectiveness of foreign assistance by investing in women.
**Define a clear mandate for Senior Officials in the Department of State and USAID for leadership, accountability and coordination in preventing and responding to violence against women and girls.
**Enable the U.S. government to develop a faster and more efficient response to violence against women in humanitarian emergencies and conflict-related situations.
**Build the effectiveness of overseas non-governmental organizations – particularly women’s non-governmental organizations – in addressing violence against women.

In February 2010, I-VAWA was re-introduced in the 111th Congress by bipartisan teams in the House and the Senate on February 4th, 2010. In the House, the bill was introduced by Representative Bill Delahunt (D-MA), Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee on Europe and Representative Ted Poe (R-TX), Co-chair of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus. In the Senate, it was introduced by Senator John Kerry (D-MA), Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Senators Boxer (D-CA), Collins (R-ME) and Snowe (R-ME).

I am proud to see that my representative (and member of my church) is a part of something so large and so worthwhile.

There are several ways to take action:
Sign the petition:
Organize a call-in or letter writing campaign. Get your friends and relatives to flood the voicemail or mailbox of your member of Congress. Urge them to cosponsor the bill and support it when it comes to the floor. Is your member of Congress already an I-VAWA cosponsor? Click here to see an up to date list of cosponsors. If your member of Congress is a cosponsor write and thank them for the support.
Download Sample 'Please Co-Sponsor' Letter >
Download Sample 'Thank You' Letter >

Texans, let's show Ted our appreciation and flood his mailbox with these thank you letters!

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