Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stand Up Girl is an online community designed for women who are experiencing unexpected pregnancy. The topics range from preventing pregnancy, accepting responsibility, how to make a new plan, and even how to recover from an abortion. 'Becky' has developed a loving community where women and girls help each other and, hopefully, learn from each others' mistakes.

The writing has an endearing, youthful quality. It comes across as advice from your BFF at a sleepover, but with wisdom and a certain maturity. This somewhat relaxed demeanor is an odd advantage, and hopefully it helps Becky 'target' a younger audience.

There is such hope and encouragement on these pages. I love the forward of the "Making A New Plan" page:

"Your life has taken an unexpected turn and it is time to make a new plan! There are probably lots of things on your mind and perhaps it is hard to think clearly because you are afraid and feeling vulnerable. You are a mother and have a little one to take care of now.

The good news is, you can do it! Many other women have found themselves in your situation and have come out of it as stronger women and wonderful mothers. This is going to be a very difficult time for you and the next couple of years raising a toddler will not be easy either. However, if you work through your life a day at a time and make the most important things your priorities, you will not get as overwhelmed."

Her tone is so gentle and encouraging, but she manages not to pull any punches. She repeatedly says on her site that 'this will not be easy', but the community is there to help those who are scared and confused. Becky urges women to join local networks, specifically to look for pregnancy centers, saying "At first, the idea of dropping in was very intimating and I felt embarrassed that I needed help. Before long, I felt quite at home and was so grateful for all their help. "

From a Christian standpoint, I especially appreciate her suggested post-abortion Bible studies, one for women as well as one for men. It is so refreshing to find Christians whose outlook is modern and accepting. So often, in these situations, "the Church" comes across looking cold or unsympathetic. That was not Jesus' message, and I applaud Becky for her open arm policy.

This blog truly tries to cover everything. Under the Tab labeled "Girl Help", you will find links called "I'd Like to Help", a page of local and international help-lines, centers and programs; "Abortion Testimonials", where women and girls discuss their decision in an effort to prevent others; "Girl Power", "Dating, Love, Sex", "Crisis Support", "Biology and In Utero Info", and finally "Young Mother Help", which are all pages of appropriate links, leading readers to information across the web.

I am so thankful Becky's personal mission, and I pray that she continues to help women and girls as they make major life decisions.

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