Monday, October 13, 2008

Dear Friends

I have neglected this forum, and I am truly sorry. I seek to focus more on these blogs and articles in the future. Right now I am throwing some ideas around:
*I want to write about Sarah Palin, as she is a woman in the spotlight, but I am not sure how to go forward with the blog: what do I say? Do I discuss her political leanings? Do I only highlight the good, but ignore the bad? I cannot do that, and so I must take much more time to figure out her blog.
*I think I will write a few in the near future focusing on the amazing women in my personal life. Many show amazing strength every day, and they deserve highlighting as much as anyone else.
*My good friend Kelly is a history teacher, and she has a passion for women's history and women's rights that make me feel completely ignorant! I want her to visit and blog about some famous (and some practically unheard of) women in history who have paved the way for us.

If you would like to suggest someone (preferably with a specific example of why they deserve mention, and/or a link) please feel free to comment.

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