Monday, December 17, 2007

Relief for the Girl from Qatif

Thank God for squeaky wheels.
The king of Saudi Arabia has released The Girl From Qatif after several other nations expressed great distaste and concern for her emotional and mental well-being. He expressed that he did not doubt the judgement made, but was acting in the "interest of the people".
Further details on the story (that I did not have before) make the situation more clear. The woman (19 years old) had recently gotten married, so she met this man to retrieve a picture he had of her. In the mind of modesty she did not want another man to have a photograph of her. By being in the presence of a man who was not her relative, she broke a deep rooted law and had to be punished, EVEN THOUGH her encounter ended with her being raped by seven men.
I begged you all to pray and keep this poor girl in your minds. Many people, including our own president, made their displeasure known. Thanks to their words and actions, this girl has been released from prison.
We need to acknowledge the power of our actions. I am not assuming my action had any direct correlation to the president's actions. I am only saying that speaking up can and will make a difference. Take heart in that, and take a stand.
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