Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Women With Wings

This amazing group of women has so many wonderful missions on their plate. Their main focus right now is to go to Zimbabwe and Botswana to "give back the voice" to the women there! This project builds such emphasis on the voice women have, and especially the voice we do not use. It is a matter of rebuilding confidence and spirit, re-establishing strength and will. These women in Africa need that desperately.
Nan and Lorri really need help for this dream to fly. They need encouragement, but right now their greatest need is money. You can make tax-deductable donations here if you would like.
For all of my Houstonians (and Abilenians) I have another method. Nan and I have had some communication concerning getting these women to Houston for a project building! Now, we would be responsible for raising the funds to get them here and do what they need to do, but we would also need to help them build this Africa fund.
If you have any good fundraising ideas, PLEASE leave them here in a comment. Also, if you are comfortable doing so, I ask you to pray for these missions and efforts. Together, we women need to utilize our strong voice and send these angels to Africa!

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Lorri said...

Just want to thank you for getting the word about the Women with Wings Project out there! We are so excited about the response around the country to what we are doing!

As we continue to plan our first organizational trip to Zimbabwe, we so appreciate your encouragement and support! We will take pictures and get stories from the women there so that we can hare them with you and begin to create a heart to heart connection from all of us to women all over the world.
All the best, Lorri Acott-Fowler