Thursday, July 19, 2007


Slow but steady steps are being taken to ensure the physical health of runway models and the emotional security of young girls everywhere.

While this article focuses on the fact that London is resisting this movement, it also highlights the countries who are really making an effort.

There are decrees being set about the limitations on fashion models, rules that should have been set down ages ago. They are trying to set a minimum age, namely because young girls are more succeptable to the pressure to lose weight in an unhealthy way. They believe that the younger the girl starts in this business the more likely she will develop an eating disorder.
These commitees are also enforcing rules concerning a minimum weight. In several fashion-focused countries designers have rejected models for being 'too skinny', and it it about time! They actually have regulations based on the BMI (Body Mass Index) which has more to do with the ratio of fat and lean muscle than just a number on a scale. It means they are finally trying to be more concerned with their health than just their appeal. Imagine what a great difference this will make for many girls?
I'm going to make a confession: I have, for quite some time, secretly longed to be a runway model. My body is far from perfect, but ladies I know how to do that walk! I have always kind of laughed to myself, however, at the possibility of it. I think I have a good mix between slender and curvy, but curves do not appeal to fashion designers this season, so why bother? Slowly the concern of health is sneaking up on the desire for "perfection", and it is going to change the social concept of ideal beauty. Look throughout history - the pendulum swings to both sides with time. There was a time in our history when being skinny and tanned meant that you were lower class, worked outside and could not afford food. Now it is revered as most high in the art of appeal!
Curvy ladies, our time will come again. It is already on its way!

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